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IdentityTruth is the leading provider of a new breed of service to help consumers safeguard their Privacy and Identity.? Through innovative technology, individuals receive the earliest possible notification™ in advance of potential misuses of their identities so they can take better control. Early detection is the best protection.? IdentityTruth is a privately held, VC- funded company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.? Investors include Argonaut Ventures and Stata Venture Partners.

IdentityTruth understands that your identity is your life — and losing it puts your world at risk. The very best way to safeguard your privacy is to get the earliest possible notification of possible misuse.

Your identity — more than just data

Your identity is always interconnected with your personal assets. Compromising private data is a prelude to compromising your financial and legal well being. With this in mind, IdentityTruth has developed a solution that meets the needs of this exact concern.

Your identity — more than just credit

Your identity is much more than just credit, so we go well beyond credit monitoring and credit freezes — which only report fraud after it's already happened — to continuously explore a multitude of diverse data sources. Coupled with a rich understanding of fraudulent activities, we can effectively respond to your pressing questions:

  • Are my private and sensitive data compromised?
  • Is my identity being misused in any way?
  • What is my risk?

The Earliest Possible Notification™ — How it works

We search through billions of data points from many different sources to give you the earliest possible notification in advance of potential misuses of your identity, so you can take better control. To ensure service accuracy, IdentityTruth utilizes highly developed and sophisticated information processing and behavior modeling techniques to not only detect suspicious activities in the past, but to also predict future frauds.

Through our technology we zero in on the movement ( "traffic") of sensitive personal data to determine if it is floating on the internet, traded or misused in any way. You can think of this as following your "digital footprints." Understanding this traffic is the key to giving you the earliest possible notification in advance of potential identity theft. Armed with precise actionable information, we'll give you specific suggestions so you can take more effective steps to better protect yourself, your assets — and your world







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