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Real Goods Solar, Inc.




Real Goods has entered its 30th anniversary year! In June 1978 in sleepy Willits, California, Real Goods opened its doors at the former "Far-Far West Museum," serving a clientele of back-to-the-landers who had made the urban exodus to the hills of Mendocino for a simpler lifestyle communing with nature. In the 20 years since, our business has evolved from selling solar panels to a few off-gridders in the hills to being the foremost source of information and products in renewable energy, sustainable living, alterative transportation, and relocalization (the ultimate anecdote for global warming and peak oil). We intend to celebrate our three decades in business all year long and hope that you’ll join us!

The company lays claim to the title of the oldest and largest catalog firm devoted to the sale and service of renewable energy products in the world. Real Goods is still devoted to the same principles that guided its founding—quality, innovative, well-made products for fair prices, and unsurpassed customer service with courtesy and dignity.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.






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