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Competitives prices.10 years of experience.Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC.References.ContacT: 5713382495Aditional services. Ironing. Clean inside refrigerator, oven, windows washed, organizing, laundry.AND ALSO CLEANING MOVING IN-OUT CHEAP, CHEAP.Kitchen: 1- Clean outside all appliances. 2- Clean outside, and inside of the microwave and toaster oven 3- Clean all counter tops. 4- Clean top stove 5- Clean over the stove, and remove any grease build up. 6- Clean, and shine sink. 7- Mop clean floor using “applicable cleaning solution” 8- Clean, and polish outside of the cabinets. 9- Remove all trash. 10- Remove any cob webs. 11- Wipe kitchen table, and chairs Bathrooms 12-Clean Tub/Shower thoroughly, remove any stains, or mildew. 13-Clean mirrors. 14-Scrub clean sink. 15-Remove all trash. 16-Scrub clean toilet bowl inside, and out including base, and behind. 17-Clean all walls, and remove any mildew build up between tiles. 18-Dust lights over the counter, and sink. 19-Vacuum bathroom carpet(s), and mop floorBedrooms: 20- Make beds. 21- Dust all furniture. 22- Dust all picture frames. 23- Remove any cobwebs. 24- Vacuum all carpeted areas. 25- Mop and floor. 26- Clean all mirrors. 27- Dust, and clean window sills. 28- Dust blinds. 29- Dust ceiling fans (If within reach). 30- Clean all light switches, and door knobs removing finger prints. Other areas (Dining Room, Family Room, Hallways) 31-dust all picture frames. 32-Dust all furniture. 33-Remove any cobwebs. 34-Dust all shelves. 35-Dust all blinds, and window sills. 36-Dust all air vents. 37-Dust all ceiling fans 38-Vacuum all carpeted areas. 39-Mop, and polish hardwood floors. 40-Clean all light switches to remove finger prints. 41-Dust all light fixtures including chandeliers that is within reach. 43-Dust all baseboards. 44-Clean sliding glass door. 45-Sweep the entrance.


ContacT: 5713382495





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