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Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing



We offer the best merchant account and best credit card processing for U.S. internet merchants. We offer real-time processing, recurring billing and stiff fraud protection!

But that's just the TIP of the iceberg...

We offer credit card processing and verification at very LOW rates for almost any business.

PLUS, the following features are included at NO extra charge...

FREE Recurring Billing Service !

FREE Web Link Shopping Cart!

FREE online sales tracking and reporting - our tracking system is awesome and highly coveted in the industry!

FREE extremely stiff fraud screening and protection - we perform address screening and even verify "CVV2" numbers!

FREE increased cash flow - no long waits! Your cash is deposited into your account within two business days, not weeks!

FREE ACH/Online Check Processing set up to instantly increase the size of your customers' purchases - The savings is HUGE!

FREE automatic daily batching - it's all done for you, so NO more worries, NO more headaches and NO fumbling around!

FREE automatic email receipts to you and your customer, so that you both stay on top - this drastically cuts down on useless administrative work, saving you tons of cash!

FREE real-time instant approval or decline both online and offline (yes, you can accept credit card orders offline, too!)

... And much more! If you're convinced already and want to start cashing in on the Internet revolution, don't wait!

Get? a? FREE? eCommerce? Solution? Valued? at? over? $795.00






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